Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Worship

The October sermon series is called:
“Mustard Seed Moments: Small, Insignificant, Overlooked Life-Changers.”
October 1
titled “Sack Lunch Leftovers”
scripture is John 6:1-14
theme is abundance
this is also World Wide Communion Sunday--communion will be served
October 8
titled “Rebekah and Holy Hospitality”
scripture is Genesis 24:10-21
theme is ordinary becoming extraordinary
October 15
titled “Leavening the Kingdom Of God”
scripture is Matthew 13:31-33
theme is God in our midst
this is also Laity Sunday
October 22
titled “The prophet girl and the servant commander”
scripture is 2 Kings 5:1-27
theme is faith
October 29
titled “And many others are cheering us on, welcoming us home”
scripture is Luke 8:1-3
theme is everyday people helping us--Saints in our midst
this is also All Saints Sunday--communion will be served