Friday, April 26, 2019

"Happy Birthday, Boy!"

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A college student named “Boy” is a faithful encourager to fellow believers.  His father died when he was only four.  His mom struggles as a single-mother kindergarten teacher in Thailand.  Boy likes to help volunteers who come to teach English to university students.  As a result of the time he has spent with volunteers and missionaries, he’s fluent in English.  
His uncomplicated understanding of God astounds me.  I once asked him if he was ever angry that his dad died.  Puzzled, he responded, “You know all those verses that tell people to take care of widows and orphans?  I always thought God love me more than other people.”
During a Bible study gathering, I asked what God had done that was special during the week.  Boy quietly answered, “I’ve never had a birthday party, a cake, or a present in my life.  My family is poor, and my mom works hard.  She’s never even said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.”  Tears burned in my eyes as he continued, not complaining, just telling his story. “But one night this week, I had a dream.  Jesus was standing in front of me with a birthday cake.  He said, ‘Happy birthday, Boy.  I love you.’  I woke up and realized that it was my birthday.  I had forgotten it, but God hadn’t.”
Our Savior’s thoughts are countless for each one of us.

David, Southeast Asian Peoples
From: “Voices of the Faithful, Book 2”