Friday, July 3, 2020

Wearing of masks...

Pastor Larry wanted to make sure that everyone knows what is required regarding the wearing of masks due to the COVID-19.  Here is the statement from the Reno County Commissioners:

The Board of Reno County Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday afternoon not to mandate mask use in Reno County, but still made it clear that they want people to choose individually to wear masks and that they consider it an act of responsible citizenship to do so.  "I believe we have some new numbers in Reno County that suggest that we're having some additional cases," said chairman Ron Sellers.  "I think, from what we see nationally, we're going to have some increased spread and we need to, as citizens of Reno County, do our individual duty not only to protect us, but to protect others."

Mask wearing is one of three items that we can do to help slow the spread.  It's not going to quit the spread, but it's going to slow the spread.  Mask wearing, proper hand hygiene and not touching your face and being careful when you're inside and around, people distancing not just social distancing will all help with slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Here at Faith UMC, it is your choice as to whether you wear a mask or not.  We have plenty of hand sanitizer and observe social distancing.